About Us

Like they say, necessity is the mother of invention and you could say that is how I ended up putting together this website which contains all sorts of dehumidifier information and reviews. Before I get into the details of what you will find here, let me give you some background.

Health Issues At Home

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We have some very specific health issues in our family. They are the kind where air quality can make the difference between a good and a bad day. We were getting a little tired of the long stretches of bad days and needed to find a better way to control the number of bad days we encountered.

So, while doing some extra research on our living conditions I hit upon the fact that we could control humidity levels in our home quite easily. I also discovered that many health issues can result from too much humidity. The list included several of the conditions affecting myself and my family.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that I had to be proactive and make the changes myself. If I could control humidity to improve our health, I was going to take that task on.

It became a whole bigger issue when I tried to find accurate and current information about ways to control humidity.

Searching For Dehumidifier Information Online

As part of my research led me to the territory of dehumidifiers I learned a lot. I had no idea that high humidity was that harmful, and that many other people had similar health issues. I also discovered that you could actually improve your living conditions by reducing the moisture content in the air with an appliance. It opened new doors for me when I realized that dehumidifiers existed just for this purpose. It not only opened my eyes, it gave me hope.

That was until I tried to find out which kinds were available and how they worked. Sure, the internet is one big, giant library but when it came to dehumidifiers it was as if that section of the ‘library’ was still under construction. There was not a lot of information available and what there was, was not up-to-date and didn’t answer my questions.

Launching This Site

So as I continued to search for information I started putting aside files that were educating me along the way. At one point I looked back through the collection of files and thought I could possibly share this information online. This could save someone else the time and effort it took me to find the information they were after.

That’s why you are now reading about this online. I decided to go ahead and put together the best possible website on dehumidifiers that I could. You could say that because of the changes in my health and the health of my family that we’ve experienced since using dehumidifiers in our home, I’ve become a convert.

What You Will Find Here

It’s because of how successful controlling the humidity in our home has been in making us feel better and healthier that I am doing this. But I didn’t want to skim the surface. I wanted to dig deeper and go further than any other dehumidifier information website has ever done to this point. That is why you will find several different things here including:

  • Educational content about humidity,
  • Product reviews of various appliances used in humidity control,
  • Fair, unbiased opinions,
  • Facts, details and much more.

As I am not being ‘sponsored’ by any dehumidifier manufacturer, I am able to build this website my way to be a complete resource for anyone looking for this information. I want you to be able to get the answers you need for your questions about humidity control products and had nowhere else to turn.

Even though humidity in our home was the primary reason that got me started on this website, I have learned that other people experience issues with their health and comfort in other ways. Because of this, I have also branched out a little from just looking at dehumidifiers. I have also done research on humidifiers and air purifiers, and humidity control for special applications such as in basements, garages, RV’s and gun safes.

Thank You For Visiting!

Thank you for finding us and hopefully I am able to assist you in some way in this website. If you have any questions or need some advice about something you don’t already see here, please contact me. I’ll be happy to research the subject and publish the information as your suggestion may be useful to someone else as well.

I hope that my story sounds familiar to you and that you can learn from our experience. We are all happier and healthier now that we use dehumidifiers in our home. It could be the answer to some of your health conditions as well.

To find out more about what humidity is and how it can affect you, please visit this page. It will provide some good general dehumidifier information on what to look for, as well as some of our picks of the best dehumidifiers on the market. I’m sure you will find it helpful.

Wishing you all the best