Keystone 70 Pt Dehumidifier Review, KSTAD70B

Keystone 70 Pt Dehumidifier
The Keystone 70 Pt Dehumidifier is designed to draw moisture from the air and has been designed to be portable.

The Keystone 70 Pt Dehumidifier is one of the best dehumidifiers at removing up to 70 pints of water a day from the air your breathe. Here we look at why it is a good option.

Why Use a Dehumidifier?

When the humidity of a room or any indoor living space is reduced, an interesting thing happens. Bacteria that float in the air is removed which eliminates the build-up and development of mold and mildew. It also makes breathing much easier for those affected by high humidity. Hence controlling humidity is important in keeping you, your family and your belongings safe.

Keystone 70 Pt Dehumidifier Best Features

Some of the best features of this 70-pint dehumidifier include:

  • This particular model has the Energy Star rating which means it will run efficiently and effectively.
  • The design incorporates a set of four strong casters to allow for easy movement from room to room.
  • The electronic controls feature an LED display and comes equipped with a handy auto-restart setting which saves your preferred settings in case of a power outage.
  • There are three different fan settings (Normal, Turbo and Auto-Defrost) and an automatic shut off feature that is activated when the water collection container is full.
  • Speaking of water collection, the Keystone 70 Pt Dehumidifier has a 1.3-gallon water tank that has a transparent indicator showing the water level. Once full the bucket is easy to remove, as is the easy-to-clean dust filter. In fact, this model even has an alert to let you know when the dust filter needs to be cleaned.
  • Add to this a continuous draining option (with a standard garden hose – not included) and a one-year parts/limited five-year sealed system warranty, and you’ve got a really amazing dehumidifier.

Reviewers Have This to Say…

Keystone Dehumidifier

There are a number of pros and cons from those who have purchased and used this model, although the majority of the reviews online for this product were positive. Pluses range from:


Pluses range from:

ease of operation
portability of design
features, and
energy efficiency.


The negatives include:

issues with the water bucket (flimsy in some reviewer’s minds and does not have a top cover)
positioning of the airflow vents (the Keystone 70 Pt Dehumidifier has them mounted on the side as opposed to the top), and
the replacement of the water bucket after emptying (it takes a little more than just snapping into place for some users).
The biggest complaint from consumers is the noise produced by this model. But this tends to be quite common in units of this size.

Our Final Thoughts on the KSTAD70B Keystone 70 Pt Dehumidifier

When you are looking for a portable dehumidifier you want something that is well built and can be moved around easily. This Keystone product is a perfect fit for those requirements.

The continuous drain option does make this unit a better choice, but if you are emptying the water bucket frequently, you may experience issues with the design of the water collection container. Noise could also be a problem.

If those issues are not a concern, you’ll be pleased to note the Keystone 70 Pt Dehumidifier is an affordable choice that will improve the air quality of your home. Make sure that you check it out here.

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