If you are looking for a handy electric mini dehumidifier, this Luoyiman electric portable model may be just perfect for your needs. It utilizes peltier technology. In other words, this model does not contain a compressor and as a result it runs super-quietly.

It’s a Portable Dehumidifier

portable dehumidifier

The lack of a compressor also makes this model lightweight, hence its portability. If you are trying to remove moisture from a small room, or an area where poor ventilation is a problem such as in a wardrobe or storage closet, this model is designed for those applications.

It has a 500-millilitre water tank capacity and is rated at removing up to 250-millilitres of water per day. The water tank is removable for easy emptying. Plus, the dehumidifier features an auto-stop and warning lights that activate when the tank is full.

The compact size (13x15x21cm) makes this a great space saving device and the attractive design permits it to fit into most any décor. The Luoyiman compact dehumidifier will look good in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or recreational vehicle on the floor or on a table or counter.

It’s a Quiet Dehumidifier

The quiet operation of this dehumidifier means it can be used in places where you sleep or work and you will not be disturbed. The unit will emit a slight hissing sound during operation but it is quiet enough that it will not distract you from what you are doing in the same room.

The manufacturers point out that since the unit is made from advance ABS materials and is radiation free, it can be used in a nursery or baby’s room. Although this is a quiet dehumidifier, it is electric which means placement will have to be within reach of a wall outlet.

Feedback On This Luoyiman Compact Dehumidifier

LUOYIMAN White Electric Mini Portable Air Dehumidifier

There is no doubt that a small, stylish, lightweight dehumidifier is going to be a popular item. The Louyiman Electric Mini Portable Dehumidifier is all of that and a whole lot more. Reviewers are generous in their praise of this product with few negatives available... read on below for more details:


  • Effective in removing moisture from small rooms and storage areas
  • Attractive looking design allows it to ‘fit in’ almost anywhere it is placed
  • Lightweight which provides many different possible location to use this product
  • Virtually quiet operation with a slight hissing sound that does not disturb
  • Easy to operate with indicator lights and shut off when reservoir is full
  • Well constructed and built to last a long time with easy to remove water tank.


  • Water reservoir is too small for some users
  • The hissing sound may be annoying to those who are very light sleepers
  • May be a bit small for some applications. In these cases, a bigger unit may have been a better option.

In Conclusion

For the price, this is a great compact dehumidifier. It works well and looks good. It is lightweight, reliable and won’t keep running even after the reservoir has filled completely. The auto shut-off feature ensures that.

Louyiman has a great product on their hands with this one... as can be seen by how popular this unit is. So if you have a small room that needs dehumidifying, then definitely check out the Luoyiman mini portable dehumidifier.

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